What does it mean to be an empowered woman in the UAE?

This question is a really important one, especially for an agency like us, runned in first person by a woman. Women’s empowerment is having the ability to make your own choices. It’s about women gaining control of their lives and making decisions that benefit them.

We always look at the UAE as a difficult place for women to work and to be empowered but in Dubai is possible for women to achieve their full potential with a supportive environment.  

It’s about women standing up for their beliefs and values. This is what empowered woman means.

In the UAE women are breaking barriers and the country is helping them do it: first of all is ensures that women and men receive equal pay for equal work, not so granted in the rest of the world. And is right UAE that is constantly proving itself as the model for women empowerment.

The President of the UAE Gender Balance Council, recognized how the massive step taken in this country introducing new laws and legislative reforms focused on enhancing women’s economical participation will drive to a significant growth in scientific, economic and sociality in the next fifty years.

All of those new laws are including discrimination in the workplace, parental leave, access to credit business and political participation.